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The Container Store is exactly what it sounds like – a store that sells containers. What is surprising is the vast quantity and type of containers available

The site is very user friendly and easy to find things quickly – except for one category called “elfa”, but with the click of a button that too is explained, “elfa is our best-selling modular shelving and drawer system that can be customized to your needs and your space to help you get organized. It can be used in any room of the home, including a closet, office, garage or pantry. elfa brings beauty, ease and order to your home for a fraction of the cost of custom built-ins.”

There is then a  picture with interactive features telling you just what each part does, what colors are available and how it works.

You browse by category; Closet, Kitchen,  Storage,  Shelving, Office, Bath, Laundry, Cleaning, Hooks, Trash, Garage, Moving, Shipping & Storage and lots more.

Each Category then offers yet more categories, for example, clicking “bath” offers yet more choice – Countertop, cosmetics, jewelry, medication, shower, wastebaskets and so on and from here there are more alternatives. You can refine your search by color, price and most relevant.

This site is a never ending Aladdin’s cave of containers. The site is so appealing that when you see something you didn’t know existed, you realize you can’t manage a minute longer without it.

There is a store finder and not only does it show you the nearest store with an accompanying map, but it also tells you if the product is in store in that shop or not. 

There is also as section “Expert Tips & Ideas” which tells you about  “Fridge and Freezer Organization, Storing More on a Door, Setting Up a Recycling Center” and more.

The  McAfee Icon at the bottom of the page tells you this is a  “Secure site”, and has a green siteAdvisor symbol.

569px × 614px

The Container Store: What makes it different?

Your first thought might be that there is a lot competition for The Container Store, but this is not the case. Many sites only offer limited choice of a certain type of container, for example food, but few have the full household range available on The Container Store.

Limited product choice also means limited price range and this will not suit all budgets.

What seems an obvious thing to many people – containers that stack or fold away, are not very easy to find.

The Container Store has all types of container for nearly every possible item you want to store, and it is all in the one place.

It is also surprising how many websites show products, but do not sell them.

260px × 260px        400px × 400px (scaled to 600px × 600px)

Best Available The Container Store Coupon:
The Container Store vs. primary competitors (sites similar to The Container Store)

An overview of some websites who sell similar products to The Container Store.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond  has many items and not just containers, but it does have plenty of these too. This site is easy to navigate, but while it tells you the capacity of a container, it gives no dimensions, so if you wanted this for something a specific size, there is no way of knowing if it will fit inside this container or not.

There is a picture of a ½ quart container an another 9 quart one below it, but the bottom one does not look 18 times bigger than the top one, so either this is a misprint or the picture is very “strange”.

Solutions Stores

Solutions Stores site is a bit difficult to follow as some dimensions are given one way and others another way, (2 cups & 81oz, leaving you not knowing if these are the same size, bigger or smaller.

Mobile phone holders are under “Cord Organizers” and laundry only comes up if you search for it – and peg hooks and shoe bags are mixed in with the laundry bags.

 All in all this site is difficult to navigate and offers a limited choice.

USA Food Storage

USA Food Storage have a good list of products, but either it is just a list, or the site is not loading as “Firm plastic containers” gives a page with an explanation  of what a plastic container is, but no products to buy. They have “1 Gallon White Pail”, and other buckets, under food storage containers. Under “Food Storage Racks”,  Kitchen Racks and Metal Racks are both empty, while Wood Racks offers 2 products that look the same, cost the same price but have different descriptions.

Most items on this site look like industrial storage and even spice and sugar storage has 10 items –9 of which are “image coming soon”, but the one product visible looks like food and not a storage container.

Iris USA Inc

Iris USA Inc is not a user friendly site. It is difficult to find items and even when you do, there is no price, just a list of other sites that sell the product.

Clever Ware USA

This must be a popular concept as the site below also works the same way as Iris.

400px × 480px

The Container Store: Pricing & packages

Most sites do not sell the same products, making price comparisons difficult, but looking at a few  similar products The Container Store is overall the best value and in many cases the cheapest. The range alone is amazing.

Single Sorter Folding Hamper

The Container Store $29.99

Bed Bath and Beyond $29.99 (slightly prettier to look at)

Double Sorter Folding Hamper

The Container Store $39.99

Bed Bath and Beyond $39.99 (slightly prettier to look at)

2  1/2-Quart Rectangular Food Storage Bowl with Lid

The Container Store $3.49 each , 2 cost $6.98

Bed Bath and Beyond 2 for $14.99 each (whether this means each pair or a single one is not clear) 

Solutions Stores is $9.99 for a plastic 10oz container

The Container Store is $4.99 for 13 oz

The main difference between is that the food containers from The Container Store stack up inside each other taking up little space when empty, whereas Bed Bath and Beyond have a different shape for each size, round, canister and rectangular and this will take up a lot of unnecessary space.

Bisley® Collection Cabinets                                            6-Section Shoe & Handbag Organizer

The Container Store: Product images & screenshots
The Container Store Coupons
The Container Store: Customer reviews & comments

What customers say about The Container Store:

“The Container Store's online site carries a wide variety of, well, containers. These include storage options for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, garages, and offices. There are special seasonal storage products for holiday needs and wrapping paper for all year round. Literally, if you can think of a thing that you put other things into, it is available on the site.”

“I had picked out which items I thought I wanted, and knew they would cost about $24 dollars. The problem was that I was not absolutely sure they would work. However, the site had also told me that the nearest store was about 30 minutes away, and that all the items I wanted to look at were in stock.
Armed with a tape measure and a couple of sample seed packets, I walked in and was immediately surrounded by stuff. Guess what? The bricks and mortar store is as well organized as the web site. I saw the section I needed in about 5 seconds flat.”

“This place has all sorts of oddities and practical things. You could get a hanger in any color Rainbow Brite endorses. You could leave being able to convert your closet into a system of fancy.
Yes, their price point is a little high but I'll take it. I don't have to shop around for most anything organizational related and beyond. I'm good. I'll be back.”

“If you are looking to get organized and get quality products stop in here before you resign yourself to the cheap Sterilite options that warp and give up way too easily in organizational challenges.  
They also have glass dropper containers and spray bottles.  Perfect for my potions, salves, and remedies I whip up at home.”

  24-Pocket PEVA Overdoor Shoe Bag

Best Available The Container Store Coupon:
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