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The Shelving Store has a vide variety or shelves, closet kits and other organization materials that would complement any space.  On their site you can find not just regular shelving and drawers but endless possibilities that turn organization into a great way to decorate your home. They feature wire, wood and glass shelves; from the most simple to artistic and intricate designs. They offer individual closet shelving components to accommodate the customers that want to custom build their space, but they also can provide ready made closet shelving kits too. Their web site is designed around this approach. Not only do they have a live chat service, when the customer can have their answers immediately, but they also have blog with ideas on how to utilize the products they sell. Most importantly, the provide detailed descriptions on  the materials of their  products, the dimensions of each one and even instructions on how to install them.The Shelving Store customers can rely on the expertise of Interior Designer Amy Knowles and her team of designers to create one of a kind space. Ms Knowles has a Bachelors degree in Interior Design with a minor in Architectural Building. There is a non refundable fee of $45 for the design services; however this fee is turned into a deposit deducted from the total of the customer’s purchase.  

The Shelving Store: What makes it different?

The key feature of the Shelving Store is the custom made approach. A customer can adapt all the products The Shelving Store sells to a personal space thanks to The Shelving Store featured product, The Shulte Freedom Rail. This system which consists of two or more guide rails attached to the wall can support drawers, shelves, hangers, rods and any other accessory sold at the Shelving Store. The result is a functional space with a personal touch. A design created specifically to the customer needs and taste. Another example of how The Shelving Store caters to their customer taste to satisfy their need is their artistic shelves, available in wood or glass.

The web page for the Shelving Store has detailed description of each of their products, their materials and measurements; including customers reviews , just below the description, to help prospective customers make a more informed decision for their purchase. This web page also has a “Friends” tab to right side of the page in which you can see what other customers have bought and their ideas for different products. This  may be specially useful is making a purchase from this company for the  first time.

The Shelving Store vs. primary competitors (sites similar to The Shelving Store)

When looking to compare products for closets and overall home organization, is hard not to find the brand Closet Maid. This brand name is sold throughout the world, their products are well known and they definitely have their share of the market. Their web page is easy to navigate. This company has a wide variety of products and services. The key difference is the personal attention to the customer. While at The Shelving Store   a customer can access a customer representative to ask their questions directly, Closet Maid directs their customers to their nearest retailer. Their products are functional, but not remarkable. This company’s focus is not to make pieces that stand out, but ones that serve a purpose.

A similar situation occurs with the design services. Closet maid charges a non refundable fee of $5.00 for 2 designs variations of a single space; the customer even receives one alteration of the design at no extra charge. This is done through e mails, barely without customer contact; efficient and straightforward but with no remarkable results. The designs are basically a template that fits a certain space. They also have a design program the customer can use on their page.

 There are no customer reviews in their home page. However the do have a very good booklet with design ideas that can be reviewed   online and which shows several examples of how to organize different areas with Closet Maid products.

 The Container Store is another option to examine, when shopping for shelving and closet organizer. This company has many of the same positive features The Shelving Store and Closet Maid have. The do have a design team that can be reached by phone. They will discuss the plan over the telephone and send an email of the design sketches for approval. The also have a design program on their page a customer can use, or they can direct the prospective customer to a near retailer store. Their featured product is called Elfa and works very similarly to The Schulte Freedom rail that’s sold by The Shelving Store. However not a majority of their products has customer reviews. Their description of the product is not very extensive and do not show how to install a particular accessory. The materials of their products are of excellent quality. The Container Store even has “Green” alternatives for those ecologically conscious.

The Shelving Store: Pricing & packages

In regards to price there is no doubt that Closet Maid is the most affordable brand. For a 18”x48” 4 tiers wire shelf a customer would pay $38 on average in any of the multiple retailers that sell this brand. A similar product by The Shelving Store would be $190.00 on sale, and it will sell for approximately $99.00 on The Container Store. However is important to point out that even when the dimensions might be similar, the materials used by the three companies are very different and the quality of the product they sell its different too. At the moment to make a decision the customer must weight the immediate affordability of the product vs. the quality. How long will the product last? Will it rust or bend? Will it support the specified weight?  The Shelving Store guarantees their customers that they will match the price of any competitor selling the same product and that their products are of the highest quality materials. This adds value for the customer since they are guaranteed to get high end materials at the most competitive price for them. When compared to other brands, The Shelving Store was on an intermediate position regarding to price. However, based on their customer reviews and the material used on their products, it  is plain they  do sell a good quality affordable product.

The Shelving Store: Product images & screenshots
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The Shelving Store: Customer reviews & comments

The customer reviews  for The Shelving Store are very positive. The company has been rated outstanding by Bizrate and Shopzilla. Even the customers that had any problems, which are not many, declare that the company's customer service is excellent and that their complaint was resolved expeditiously and to their satisfaction. The Shelving Store prides itself  on their customer service making it a fundamental part of their shopping experience. After celebrating 51 years on the business, their motto is to listen and learn from their customers and  work hard to earn their trust and goodwill.

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Very well done review. Promoted

Wonderful review, thanks for sharing! Dugg!

I am familiar with The Container Store but did not know anything about the other two stores included in this review. Thanks for the thorough information and distinguishing between price and quality.

Wow, this is really indepth

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Get $10 off $100+ @ The Shelving Store
Get 7% Off On Entire Purchase @ The Shelving Store
Get 5% Off Any Order @ The Shelving Store
Get 10% Off Total Order @ The Shelving Store
Get $15 Off Orders Over $150 @ The Shelving Store
Get 35% Off Chrome Wire Shelving @ The Shelving Store
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